SAP Application Development

One size does not fits all. Enhancing and Customizing solutions to align to your business increases adoption exponentially and aligns the solution to the business processes.<br /> We are experts at tailoring standard solutions to seamlessly fit into customer's business processes and needs

Custom Development in SAP C/4 HANA Sales & Service Cloud

The SAP Cloud Applications Studio is the software development kit (SDK) which enables adapting and enhancing the solution capabilities of SAP Sales and Service Cloud Solution


Programming languages used for development & enhancements using SDK

  • BODL : Business Object Definition Language used to define custom structure in SDK
  • ABSL : Advance Business Scripting Language used to write business logic based on business requirements.
  • SAP Ruby : Front end language used for interacting & handling runtime data on front end fields and elements

What we do using SDK

  • Leverage SDK for custom integration with SAP or Non SAP System using external API’s.
  • Extend standard screen / business object in C4C using SDK.
  • Create full custom solution based on customer needs
  • Create add-on or connector with cloud based application via external API (SOAP / REST).
  • Integrated SAP Cloud Applications Studio development environment based on Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Access C4C Core via the PSM (Public Solution Model)
  • End to End Life Cycle Management
  • Create Custom Business Object or Enhance Standard Business Object
  • Design Layout as per customer need using UI Designer
  • Integrate SAP and Non SAP System using External Web Service Integration (SOAP / REST)
  • Creation of Multi Customer Solution.

Benefits of using SDK

  • Benefit from the use of a modern Software Development Kit
  • Leverage a solid infrastructure in the Cloud with Mobile Applications support
  • Adapt and expand the solution capabilities of SAP Sales and Service Cloud.

Some useful custom solution and enhancement Inspinnoc Technologies has done:

  • Sending email with attachments via SDK
  • Creation of Custom form and Open in Preview mode within the screen.
  • Creation of mashups by passing dynamic content and producing results accordingly.
  • Connectors to 3rd party Systems